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Pinehurst Stone Honing

Looking for professional Pinehurst Stone honing service to restore the charm of your lavish stone surfaces? As natural stones age, they become dull and scratched, losing their natural luster.

Before and After Picture of a Pinehurst Granite Kitchen Countertop Honed to Eliminate ScratchBefore and After Picture of a Pinehurst Marble Floor Honed to Remove Rust Stains

At Sir Grout Houston, we understand these fine stones represent a significant investment. Our Pinehurst Stone honing team of expert technicians can restore stones to their former glory and protect them against future damage, no matter the type.

Before and After Picture of a Pinehurst Marble Shower Honed to Remove EtchingBefore and After Picture of a Pinehurst Marble Shower Honed to Remove Scratches
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Stacy W - Houston, TXMay 08, 2019

This company did a great job with several areas in our home. The shower grout in 3 bathrooms was an issue along with a small area of tile. The salesman was 100% attentive and honest. We really felt the most comfortable with their knowledge and recommendations but the price was a bit too much in comparison to other quotes. We let them know and they actually gave a 10% discount if we would make a decision that day. We accepted on the spot. We paid about a 12% premium to go w Sir Grout after the discount and couldn't be happier. They left additional material behind and trained us on the maintenance. Great company!

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It is very difficult for an untrained eye to evaluate your stone surfaces. At Sir Grout Houston, we determine a customized care plan to meet your specific needs, depending on your stone. Our Pinehurst Stone honing specialists can advise you, and determine if your stone surfaces need honing or not via a thorough pre-inspection.

Before and After Picture of a Pinehurst Marble Vanity Top Honed to Eliminate Water SpotsBefore and After Picture of a Pinehurst Travertine Shower Honed to Remove Mineral Deposits
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Our superb Pinehurst Stone honing treatment mechanically resurfaces stone using abrasives and water to achieve a uniformly honed surface sheen. Filler within travertine stone that looks cloudy, splotchy, or dirty becomes attractive with our magnificent finishing techniques. If desired, polished marble, granite, travertine or limestone can be mechanically honed by our Pinehurst Stone honing specialists to remove pre-existing surfaces.

Before and After Picture of a Dull Pinehurst Granite Floor Honed to Recover Its SheenBefore and After Picture of a Pinehurst Granite Shower Honed to Remove Soap Scum

Stone Honing Pinehurst Texas

The full restoration of slightly-used marble, travertine, granite, or limestone should begin with a Pinehurst Stone honing procedure, to completely remove scratches and stains. Pinehurst Stone honing is the process of smoothing the stone and is usually achieved with the use of abrasives. Regardless of damage, at Sir Grout Houston, we can turn any surface into honed/matte finish. Our skilled Pinehurst Stone honing craftsmen can round the edges of the stone, giving a smoother finish to the edge. Some stones can acquire a striking satin-like luster at very high hones. Pinehurst Stone honing sets up the stone for polishing and shining.

Before and After Picture of a Pinehurst Marble Kitchen Countertop Honed to Remove Water MarksBefore and After Picture of a Pinehurst Marble Shower Honed to Remove Dark Stains

Call Sir Grout Houston at (713) 856-9586, or use our online scheduling option at the top of this page for a free quote and enjoy an unmatched Pinehurst Stone honing service for your homes or businesses.


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