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Below are various video and written testimonials of satisfied customers.

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Written Testimonials

Cynthia S - Houston, TXNovember 19, 2018

Excellent experience. Only advice, if not doing entire tile work (I did only floor tile) take time to pick grout color to match as close as possible.

Mike W - Houston, TXNovember 13, 2018

I just purchased a condo and inherited a kitchen and bathroom that required a lot of work on the worn tile and missing sections of grout. I was expecting an expensive remodel of both rooms due to the lack of maintenance from the previous owner. I called many tile/grout specialists in Houston to find Todd and his crew is the ONLY company in Houston that actually replaces grout and does not do a patch job. Instead, they remove the old grout and add new grout (at the SAME price as the competitors that do patch work). Tylar came in and did a great job at replacing my worn and missing grout in the bathroom and kitchen. The caulk job in the shower was also perfect and unnoticeable. Other tile cleaners wanted to charge me a high price as they had to bring in steam cleaners to the 4th floor but it was not required. He also showed me how to use the proper chemicals to clean my tile as my house cleaner was using solutions with bleach which is not recommended (tip: get their proprietary formula to clean and seal your tile). The bathroom and kitchen look brand new without requiring a remodel. The colors have come back to life on the tile in my kitchen and bathrooms. Thanks guys!

Matthew S - Katy, TXNovember 08, 2018

The shower looks great after regrouting and sealing the tile. I'm extremely pleased with the result and would recommend Sir Grout to anyone who is in need of any service they offer.

Rick - Richmond, TXNovember 06, 2018

Very professional and courteous owner and staff. Service was excellent especially cement grout replacement with epoxy based grout. They do it best. Our shower looks fantastic and longer lasting. Thank you.

Elizabeth M - Houston, TXNovember 05, 2018

Very professional service and so happy with their work. I very much appreciated shoes being removed so dirt wasn't tracked in. Our shower looks great! I will call them for our grout needs in the future.

Gabe K - Houston, TXOctober 31, 2018

I give you a 5 star rating. The team was very efficient and courteous.

K P - Fulshear, TXOctober 30, 2018

I had tile recently placed in my duplex, but the tiler didn't clean the tile properly and there was a dull, white film throughout the house. My contractor said it was because of the "cheap porous ceramic tile" and that his tiler "properly cleaned the tiles". Ironically, I had found a porcelain tile for less, and I found a tiler, but I hired this contractor when he said he could beat the price. He also said his tiler would put a 1/8 inch grout line, instead of the 1/4 inch done by other tilers. Well, the grout line is 1/4 inch or larger.

In addition to the ugly, dull, white film on the tiles, every day there was dust on everything, despite my dusting daily and mopping every other day. The tile was gritty and difficult to clean, and it destroyed my mop head after only 4-5 cleanings.

I found Sir Grout on line and hoped they could find a solution to my problem. Todd Wray from Sir Grout came to my house, took one look at my tile floor, and said it had massive grout haze. He placed a drop of a diluted acid solution in several areas, it turned white, which indicated it was grout left on the tile. Then he cleaned one of the tiles. I couldn't believe the difference. I made an appointment for Tyler from Sir Grout to clean and seal the tile.

Tyler came out and put down a diluted acid solution, used a machine to clean the tile, let it dry, then put down a sealer and buffed the floors. The difference is like night and day. I can't believe how beautiful my tile floor looks, now that the grout haze left by the tilers was removed. And the tile feels like tile, not the gritty, difficult to clean tile that was covered with grout and ate my mop heads. Tyler was polite, professional, and efficient. He moved all my furniture, even thought I offered to help. He even lifted my heavy 4x6 foot bookshelf off the floor, walked it 10-15 feet, and positioned it back in the corner after the floor was done. By the time Tyler left, I was beaming from ear to ear, I was so happy with the results.

In addition, Tyler cleaned and placed a color seal on my master and guest bathrooms, which were 11 years old. The old grout had discolored and looked dirty. When Tyler was finished, the bathroom floors looked like new.

I am elated with the end result, and highly recommend Todd Wray and Tyler with Sir Grout. Thank you for fixing a problem that I never thought could be fixed. Sir Grout to the rescue!

Patricia V - Houston, TXOctober 26, 2018

Miguel removed old caulk in master shower and replaced with new. A simple job, but one I cannot do myself anymore. He knew what he was doing, was fast, friendly and professional. Job well done.

Elin B - Houston, TXOctober 05, 2018

Beautiful work on my marble countertop. Very professional service style, reasonably priced although high quality service as compared to other businesses in the field.

Peggy S - Cypress, TXOctober 05, 2018

Todd was very professional and courteous. No pressure and he took time to explain the entire process. Their rates were extremely competitive. He was sensitive to my time frame and scheduled his people to meet my needs. When Tyler came he was on time and a very nice person. He finished in a day and a half and did a great job. Would definitely recommend them.

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