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Dirty Grout Lines, No More: Grout Cleaning and Sealing Service Improved the Look of This Home in Spring, Texas

September 02, 2016

This homeowner from the beautiful city of Spring, Texas was looking at some old photos when he realized his home's floors were not what they used to be. The kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom in the photos looked quite different from what he had in front of him. He discussed it with his wife, and they both agreed that the tiles needed some serious, thorough cleaning. Being both full-time workers, they decided to leave it in the hands of professionals. Neither them nor their friends knew anyone who did this kind of job, so they decided to search for "Spring grout cleaning" online to find a reputable local company. Thus, they quickly found us, and upon browsing our website, they decided to send us a message to get a free evaluation. One of our representatives got back to them and set a date for the inspection.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning in Spring, Texas

On the agreed date, our tile and grout cleaning team went to their place and inspected the entire house to check which areas needed work. The couple decided to hire us to clean the kitchen, the breakfast area, and the master bathroom and shower the areas that needed the most work. They had actually invested quite a lot of money to have their floors renovated a couple of years back, and they were appalled when they realized how dirty they had become. We explained that this was not uncommon, since many people use cleaning products that contain soap, which tends to leave a film that traps dirt on the tile and grout.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning and Sealing in Spring, Texas

To help them get their floors back, we did a thorough tile and grout cleaning by using a pH-neutral product and a scrubber to remove all the grime. After the floors were completely cleaned, we applied our Tile Armor sealer to protect the tile surface and also applied our proprietary ColorSeal to protect and recolor the grout lines. This managed to bring back the appearance of their old floors. An important advantage of this treatment is that all grout becomes stain- and water-resistant, and the job can last for years if it is properly maintained. ColorSeal is a long lasting solution that is far less costly than replacing grout and tiles. We told them that to ensure this treatment has a long-lasting life, they needed to always use pH-neutral cleaning products to avoid damaging grout lines, as some store-bought products can make tiles and grout more porous and more susceptible to stains and dirt buildup. We also told them they should never let their floors air dry with cleaning products or dirty water on them, and that the floors should always be wiped dry to ensure grout lines and tiles remain clean.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning and Sealing Service in Spring, Texas

When the clients saw the results, they were thrilled to see that their floors looked just like the original ones. They couldn't believe their eyes. They thanked us and told us that if they needed any future jobs, they would count on us. A couple of days after we left, they had some friends over to show off their renewed floors. Their friends could not believe the difference!

If your tile floors and grout seem like they're beyond repair, get in touch with us for a free evaluation. We are sure there is something our tile and grout experts can do for you! Call us at (713) 856-9586 or, if you prefer, send us a direct message using the contact form. If you want to keep up to date with the work we do, you can find us on Facebook as Sir Grout Houston, or follow us on Instagram @SirGrout, and Twitter @SGHoustonTX.


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