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See How a Grout Sealing Job in Houston, Texas, Improved the Look of This Home's Floors

December 19, 2016

This homeowner from Houston, which is also known as "Space City", came into some money from an unexpected inheritance, and he decided to use it to renovate all the tile floors of his home. He had no idea what to do or who to hire, so he decided to do an online search. That is when he came across Sir Grout's Houston grout sealing and cleaning services. He browsed our website and watched some of the video testimonials he found there, which convinced him to give us a call to set up an appointment for a free evaluation and quote.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Sealing in Houston, Texas

On the day of the evaluation, we inspected the floors and concluded that there was no major damage. However, they looked dull and dark, so we recommended a cleaning and sealing service to restore the floors to a fresh appearance. Some relatives would be staying at the homeowner's place in a few days, and he wanted everything ready before then. Since he was pleased with the budget and estimated time of completion that we could offer, we set a date to do the job.

On the date set, we arrived at the client's home bright and early to start the job. Firstly, we applied a non-toxic cleaner to the tile and grout and then deep cleaned them with a high-speed scrubber to extract all the dirt. The most problematic areas were steam cleaned to ensure that no dirt was left on the floor before proceeding to the next step. Then, we used ColorSeal one of Sir Grout Houston's proprietary products on the grout lines. This product recolored the grout to make it look like new again and also made it stain- and water-resistant. After all the floors were thoroughly cleaned and the grout was sealed, we applied our proprietary Tile Armor, which is a tile and grout protector. This was done to seal and protect the floor from future stains and spills. Both products are safe for all the members of the family, including pets.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Sealing in Houston, TX

Once we were done and the client saw the results of our work, he let us know that he was very pleased and happy since his floors were looking bright and clean. Now, his home was ready to receive his relatives. We offered some recommendations so the floors would keep their luster for as long as possible. We explained that tile floors need to be vacuumed frequently to remove loose dirt and dust and that a pH-neutral floor cleaner should be used when mopping. Also, we advised him to never let the floor air dry; after mopping, it should always be dried with a terry cloth to prevent dirty water or cleaner residue from settling into the grout lines. We advised him against the use of soap-based cleaners, as these leave a film that fosters mold and mildew and makes the tile surface dull. Also, we mentioned that acid- or ammonia-based cleaners are not appropriate because they can deteriorate grout; this includes vinegar-water mixes.

If you consider that your tile floors need professional care, give us a call at (713) 856-9586 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to set up a date for a free evaluation. Our tile and grout cleaning and sealing service is a cost-effective alternative to retiling; it removes grime that regular cleaning cannot get rid of, in many cases, leaving the floor looking like new and making the floor easier to maintain. Besides tile and grout cleaning and sealing, we also offer stone maintenance services to help you keep your stone surfaces in mint condition. To follow our work and keep up to date with our promotions, find us on Facebook as Sir Grout Houston, follow us on Instagram @SirGrout and on Twitter @SGHoustonTX.


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