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This Beautiful Grout Sealing Job Revitalizes Customer's Kitchen and Bathroom in Sugar Land

May 05, 2016

"What happened to my kitchen?" Many homeowners throughout the world start wondering the same thing upon gazing down on their tile kitchen and bathroom floors. They all remember a time when the tiles were freshly-installed, clean, and shiny. They remember a time when the grout lines separating the tiles were light-colored and uniform. The same was true for a Sir Grout customer in Texas. As the homeowner was wondering why the discoloration was happening, she found old pictures of her home, pictures taken by the real estate agent upon closing, and compared them to what her kitchen and bathroom floors looked like now. The difference was noticeable. The tiles were no longer the crème brown that they once were. The grout lines in both rooms sported the largest difference – off-white and barely noticeable in the original photos, the grout was now dark, unevenly-colored, and even cracking in some places.

Beautiful Grout Sealing Job Revitalizes Customer's Kitchen in Sugar Land

The homeowner knew that something had to be done. The bathroom floor was unsightly and had become an almost embarrassing sight in an otherwise immaculate home. The homeowner considered doing a full remodel, but upon learning of the cost and time investment, decided against it. The next step was a thorough cleaning. The homeowner bought an array of over the counter cleaning chemicals and did a thorough sweep of the grout and tile in the bathroom and the kitchen. Unfortunately, even the most diligent of cleaning did little to return the color of the tile back to what it was, and did almost nothing to the grout. Not knowing what else to do, the homeowners went online in search for the top Sugarland grout sealing services, and quickly found Sir Grout of Houston. Sir Grout has years of experience in tackling these types of problems - the proper cleaning methods, affordability, and minimal disruption to the customer's home routine make grout sealing services from Sir Grout an ideal way to handle the problem of an aging, discolored bathroom or kitchen floor. The homeowners made the right call by contracting Sir Grout of Houston!

 Beautiful Grout Sealing Job Revitalizes Customer's Bathroom in Sugar LandBeautiful Grout Sealing Job Revitalizes Customer's Shower in Sugar Land

Dirt and grease are often present in kitchens from years of foot traffic and cooking. When exposed to warm, humid air from a steamy shower, any bathroom can become a breeding ground for dirt, mildew, and mold. Unfortunately for most homeowners who want to keep their grout looking like the day it was installed, grout is porous. In the presence of contaminants like grease, dirt, and mildew, grout pores act like a magnet, absorbing the dirt and leading to the browning, drying, and flaking of the grout lines. These homeowners made a very important step in taking care of their grout and tile problem by calling Sir Grout of Houston.

Upon arriving at the residence, Sir Grout's trained, professional grout sealing team assessed the situation, documented the pre-treatment area with a few photos, and decided on a multi-step process to revitalize the kitchen and bathroom floors. The team started by performing a deep steam clean on both floors, removing the years of dirt, grime, and mildew with a proprietary process involving alkaline and neutral chemicals as well as high heat. After the thorough cleaning, the Sir Grout team sealed the grout lines with light-colored ColorSeal to close off the pores and prevent future dirt from getting into the grout lines, thereby extending the life of the grout.

Upon finishing the job, the team took a few after-treatment photos – the difference was noticeable. The homeowners were very happy with the results.

This Beautiful Grout Sealing Job Revitalizes Customer's Kitchen and Bathroom in Sugar Land

When your tiled surfaces seem old, weathered, and dry, perhaps it is time for a thorough sealing and cleaning. Turn to the Sugar Land grout sealing experts -- Sir Grout of Houston. Call (713) 856-9586 to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!


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