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Our Grout Recoloring Experts Left a Houston Homeowner Impressed with the Results

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February 25, 2023

A Houston homeowner had already been planning to have some work done on her bathroom floor before it became impossible to get the dirt off its grout. The layout of the ceramic tiles made it easy to spot dust or leftover stains from afar, so it was hard to ignore the dark grout with all the embedded dirt sitting on its surface. The stains weren't as dark on the other side of the room, but the dirty grout lines still made it look dull and worn down.

Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Houston
The homeowner started looking for a solution that didn't involve tearing down the floor tiles and her search led her to Sir Grout Houston. She found our website online and checked our picture gallery before contacting us for an in-home evaluation. When she called, our specialists were happy to tell her more about our Houston grout recoloring and set up a date to visit her home.

During their inspection of the bathroom floors, our techs went around all the grout lines as they checked their surface under all the embedded dirt. The grout pores were completely clogged by a combination of grime, dust specs, and product residue. Meanwhile, the floor adjacent to the bathroom's main hallway looked dull and lifeless, thanks to the stains discoloring the grout. As a result, the tiles' blue color looked muted when the floor used to stand out against the grays and whites that dominated most parts of the room. Our techs explained that grout maintenance issues were a common effect of traditional cleaners. The harsh ingredients in these products leave the pores wide open to water, mold, and other elements. They also create a foamy film that keeps the dirt trapped on the surface until it turns into a permanent stain. To fix such deep-seated levels of discoloration, our team needed to clean the floors and recolor the grout with sealant after removing the dirt on top. The client trusted their judgment and scheduled a new appointment for the restoration.

Our specialists returned to her house later that week. At the beginning of the process, they cleaned the floors with a pH-neutral cleaner, running a high-speed scrubber several times to reach the dirt that sat deep between the tiles. This high-quality cleaner never fails to deliver the desired results on tile and grout surfaces. It removes the most difficult stains in just minutes without subjecting hard surfaces to rough treatment or toxic chemicals.

Blue Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Houston
When it was time to revamp the grout, our techs recolored the grout lines using our flagship ColorSeal. The client chose a light gray color that matched the bathroom floor and contrasted nicely with the blue tiles on the other side of the room. This amazing sealant provides the strongest protection against mold, mildew, grease, and other liquids. It makes high-traffic surfaces look like they've stayed untouched for months so weekly cleaning is enough to prevent the discoloration of your floor's grout. After removing the sealant's residue from around the grout lines, our techs buffed the floors to enhance the ceramic's natural shine.
Then, they showed the results to the homeowner, and she was ecstatic. Thanks to their expertise and equipment quality, our crew managed to clean all the grout lines in one of the largest parts of the house. The client thanked our crew for doing such an amazing job and promised to recommend our services to more people in Houston.

At the end of the appointment, our techs gave the client some additional tips and recommendations. To prevent discoloration and other problems caused by chemical-based cleaners, they introduced Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner as the ideal alternative. Unlike most of the cleaners you'll find nowadays, pH-neutral products don't trigger hard surface problems while doing the bare minimum in terms of cleaning power. Our product is the perfect example of this, keeping floors shining through hours of foot traffic and removing pesky stains in minutes. It also ensures a safer environment where kids and other household members don't have to fight toxic fumes whenever there's the need to clean the floors.

Our crew also recommended keeping the area well-ventilated and opening the windows when the air becomes stale. Dampness is the starting point of many problems like mold infestations, smelly spaces, and soap scum all over your bathroom surfaces. Another recommendation was to use the correct tools when cleaning tiles. A mop works to wipe out the stains on a large floor, but a terry cloth or a towel can give you more room when the marks require a bit more work.

You can trust Sir Grout Houston for all your hard surface restoration needs. From grout cleaning to the best long-term protection to keep dirt at bay, our experts have something for every problem, and we guarantee satisfying results. Feel free to call (713) 856-9586 or schedule a free quote if you're interested in requesting an in-home evaluation. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates.
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