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Regrouting and Caulking Do Wonders to 10 Year Old Shower in Houston

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June 15, 2015

For Joyce Davies, having a functional, clean shower is not only a convenience, but a total necessity. Having a clean, tiled walk-in shower in the master bedroom of her suburban Houston home was perfect for Joyce's busy schedule. As a veterinarian, she has to be ready to go and help our four-legged friends any time, at a moment's notice. Joyce's shower had to be clean and ready to go, whenever she needed it. However, as the years went on, Joyce started noticing that her shower simply did not look as new and clean as it once used to. Grout lines at the bottom of the shower looked aged, dry, and discolored. She asked around, wondering if over-the-counter cleaning products would get the job done. She even picked some up to try to do the job herself. After several bouts of cleaning and scrubbing the white tiles and caulk at the bottom of her shower, she simply could not get the grout stains out. Continuing to clean, or possibly re-tiling the shower in the few spare moments she had was out of the question -- she simply did not have the time. At last, Joyce searched for Houston hard surface restoration services, and found Sir Grout of Houston. Upon reviewing the experience and positive feedback from numerous satisfied customers in her area, she decided to turn to Sir Grout for help in getting her shower back to its shiny, new condition.

Houston's hot and humid summers can put a strain on any outside surface. When considering the weather in addition to the daily mix of shower water, shampoos, soaps, and dirt, Joyce's shower grout did not stand a chance. As grout ages, moisture and dirt discolor and dry out the grout, making grout lines look mottled and dirty.

Sir Grout's trained, professional grout installation team inspected Joyce's shower, and decided to go for a full grout removal and re-installation. Upon removing the old, weathered and cracked grout, the team turned to StainMaster grout to complete the job. StainMaster is an epoxy that is stronger and more durable and crack-resistant than regular grout. StainMaster grout is so tough, it does not require sealing! Unlike other grout, StainMaster's color pigments are consistent through the entire grout, fade resistant and UV stable. In addition to the standard colors, StainMaster comes with metallic add-ins to create a modern, seamless look! For Joyce's shower, Sir Grout's installation team went with a light-colored StainMaster epoxy grout, and finished the job with new caulk.

Joyce Davies could not believe how well the job turned out! Her shower was not only once again clean and fresh, it was given a top-of-the-line epoxy grout that will last her much longer than the grout she had previously.

To Sir Grout of Houston, the job was a big success. StainMaster epoxy grout will give Joyce many years of worry-free shower use so she can focus on her important profession.

To keep the shower looking the way it did when Sir Grout of Houston presented the finished job, some upkeep will be needed. Proper cleaning products, and timely cleaning can prolong the life of grout lines, and keep them looking new for years. Excessive moisture, heat, and dirt can accelerate the aging of even the most durable grout, requiring additional applications or recoloring in the future.

When your grout seems weathered and dry, perhaps it is time for a grout recoloring or re-installation. Turn to the best Houston StainMaster epoxy grout installation, turn to the experts -- Sir Grout of Houston. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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