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This Saltillo Tile Pool Deck in Houston Was Treated with a Stone Sealing Service to Prevent Damage

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June 14, 2016

While Saltillo tile is a very diverse material that can be used for different settings, it certainly stands out the most when it's used for pool decks, since it gives them a lovely rustic look. Our customer's Saltillo tile pool deck was no different. It was the family's favorite part of the house, and it was a place where they had made many beautiful memories. Therefore, the homeowner wanted to make sure this special place was protected, especially since summer was right around the corner and he was planning on having family and friends over. He also wanted to update and improve the look of his Saltillo tile, and to do so he knew that he would have to find the best hard surface restoration services in town. When he searched online, he found our Houston stone sealing services in the top results and browsed our website. He was pleased by our work on many other surfaces, so he called us and scheduled a free evaluation to see how we could help him update and improve his Saltillo tile pool deck.

Some of the benefits of using Saltillo tiles are that they are low-cost and environmentally friendly. They are an all-natural product, handmade with clay. Homeowners also love this type of tile because it's very easy to maintain. One of the best features of Saltillo tiles is that they are soft and feel cool on your feet during the summer months. However, Saltillo tiles also have a few drawbacks. Since they are softer than most tiles, they tend to wear naturally and they can also chip or crack. Furthermore, Saltillo tile is porous, which means that it can easily stain or trap dirt if not properly sealed. The homeowner had definitely made a wise decision by choosing to seal his pool deck.

When the team assessed the pool deck, they decided that a high quality sealant would be able to provide the results the customer wanted. It would protect his lovely Saltillo tile pool deck, while also enhancing its rustic appearance. The homeowner was looking forward to the day of the job, as he wanted his pool deck to be ready for all the summer activities that he had planned to enjoy with his family.

When the day of the job finally arrived, our team was ready to buckle down and get busy. They started the job by using EXT while the Saltillo tiles were wet. EXT is an acrylic polymer much like Sir Grout's proprietary ColorSeal, but transparent. When applied, it creates a protective layer that also leaves a wet look. After the team had applied the first coat of the sealant, they dusted the surface with playground sand to give it an authentic look. Then, they applied another coat of EXT. The results were wonderful, and the process had brought out the natural beauty of the Saltillo tile.

Once the team made sure everything looked perfect, they invited the homeowner to see the results. He was absolutely thrilled with his Saltillo tiles' new look! He could now enjoy the summer without having to worry about the state of his pool deck. The homeowner was so pleased that he said he would recommend our services to his friends, family, and neighbors.

Since Saltillo tile is delicate, it needs to be properly maintained and sealed to prevent stains, dirt, and surface wear. Sealing Saltillo tile also makes the cleaning process easier for homeowners. Regular sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping will do the trick, but remember to use pH-neutral cleaners or a cleaner for clay tiles. When sealed and properly cleaned, Saltillo tiles will provide long-lasting natural beauty to your home.

If you want to preserve your stone surfaces or prevent damage, a professional stone sealing service is your best choice. If you live in Houston or surrounding areas, contact us by calling (713) 856-9586 so you can schedule a free evaluation.

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