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You Won't Believe How This Slate Floor in Houston, TX, Was Modernized with a Stone Cleaning Service

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December 12, 2016

Slate is one of the most desirable materials for flooring. As a building material, slate has many good qualities, not the least of which is its incredible durability. This type of stone also requires less maintenance to look good when compared to most natural stones, but as a porous material, if it's not properly sealed when installed, water and dirt can permeate it and make it lose its natural charm over time.

Before and After Picture of Stone Cleaning in Houston, TX

That was the case of this Houston homeowner's floor. He inherited a beautiful house from his grandfather one year ago, where he and his siblings grew up. One of his favorite features of the house was the beautiful slate floor on which they played during their childhood. The house was built in the mid-nineties, and the stone floor was never properly sealed; it was constantly cleaned with abrasive cleaners and was also exposed to high foot traffic, which made the slate dull and drab.

Since his family considered the house to be invaluable, he decided to keep it and renew every inch of it. To revive the precious slate floor, this homeowner decided to search on the internet for professional help in the form of a reliable stone cleaning company in Houston to give his floor new life. He found Sir Grout Houston and, after checking out several testimonials, he decided to call the team for a free inspection.

Our team of specialists went to the customer's house and proceeded with the required inspection. Apart from the visibly dingy grout lines and scratches on the tiles, we noticed that the colors of the stone were muted, and the tiles had several hard water marks. Those marks proved that the porous surface of the stone was totally exposed. Like most natural stones, slate is porous, and even though there are some varieties that have a lower absorption rate, the stone needs to be sealed to prevent water permeation and stains. Given these circumstances, our team recommended a thorough cleaning, followed by a grout sealing service and an application of an acrylic polymer sealer to protect the stone and revive its colors.

Once the team knew what had to be done, they returned on the agreed date to start the process. To clean the stone, our team used pH-neutral chemicals and a soft brush scrubbing system to get rid of the dirt and grime on the tiles and grout lines. They even used vapor steam cleaning to remove embedded grime. Then, to address the dull appearance of the stone floor, the team decided to seal the slate with our special Shield EXT, which gave the floor an incredible satin finish and would prevent stains, grime, and dirt from penetrating the surface. This product also brought out the beautiful brown shades of the stone and made it look like new once again.

Even though the grout was thoroughly cleaned, its color still didn't match the slate's appearance. Color sealing the grout can provide a uniform color and protect the grout from future dirt penetration. So, to complete this job, our team color sealed the grout using a light shade that made the slate tiles stand out.

Once our team finished renewing this slate floor, they were excited for the homeowner to see it. He was so happy and totally amazed by the new appearance of his floor, as he had never seen it like that. He thanked our team and promised to recommend our services and call us again for other jobs.

Before leaving, our experts recommended him to periodically clean the floor with stone-safe and soap-free cleaning products to prevent grime buildup. They also suggested to regularly check the sealant by placing a few drops of liquid on the surface and verifying if it beads up on the tile or not. If the stone tiles or grout lines absorb the liquid, they need to be resealed as soon as possible.

Do you need to restore your stone surface too? Do not hesitate to call Sir Grout Houston! We offer the best hard surface restoration services, professional care tips, and top-notch products at a fair price. Call us now at (713) 856-9586 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to set up a date for a free evaluation.

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