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A Grout Recoloring in Sugar Land, TX, Revamped the Look of This Hallway Floor

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November 30, 2016

Hallways are one of the busiest areas in most homes and are highly subjected to foot traffic almost all day long. Consequently, homeowners try their best to keep their home including the floors in busy areas in good condition. This was the case of this Sugar Land resident who kept her home as neat as possible. She was used to showing her cleaning tricks to her friends very often. Now, imagine how frustrated she felt when she noticed that the grout lines of her hallway's tile floor did not look any cleaner even after applying all the methods and products she normally used. She would later learn that her maintenance techniques were, in fact, damaging the surface.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Recoloring in Sugar Land, Texas

Until that day, she had been confident about her cleaning techniques. The owner wanted to know if she had been contributing to the dirty and stained grout lines, but most of all, she needed to find out how to fix them. Therefore, she went online to look for Sugarland grout recoloring services and found Sir Grout Houston among the top results. After visiting our website and watching the video testimonials, the client decided to schedule a free, in-home quote.

As expected, our team showed up at the customer's home to assess the tile floor. The causes of the problems were as plain as day for the experts. They immediately designed a multi-stage plan to rejuvenate the look of the grout lines, which included cleaning and recoloring them. After they told the owner about the procedure, she asked them what had been the cause of the problem, so they explained that the unsealed floor had been subjected to incorrect cleaning products and techniques.

Grout is a porous material that allows grime and liquid to permeate its surface. For that reason, it is necessary to apply a sealant to the grout lines, preserving their appearance and durability. The fact that this floor was not sealed and the soap-based cleaning products applied by the owner contributed to the dirt buildup on the tiles and grout lines. This dirt buildup can seep into the grout lines, causing stains.

On the day of the job, the technicians arrived with their state-of-the-art products and tools to fulfill the client's requirements. They deeply cleaned the floor using soap-less, pH-neutral cleaning products and a high-speed scrubber that removed the dirt buildup. They even used vapor steam cleaning to make sure that the floor was clean to its core. Then, it was time to renew the grout lines, for which the team meticulously applied ColorSeal a top-notch sealant, especially designed for grout lines. This cutting-edge grout sealer creates a shield that repels water, dirt, mold, and mildew. It can last as long as the grout itself if it's correctly applied and maintained. Another benefit granted by this product is that it simplifies the cleaning process. Also, it comes in different colors, which allows homeowners to choose their preferred shade to match the tiles.

After the team finished the service, they let the homeowner in to show her the results. She was dazzled by how her hallway had changed. She said that it looked better than new and thanked the team with a handshake. She also said that she would recommend our work to her friends and family.

Before leaving, the team gave the owner some recommendations. They advised her to use soap-free, pH-neutral products to prevent dirt buildup on her tile surface. The technicians also explained that removing spills as soon as they occur is crucial to preserve the grout lines' appearance.

If the grout lines in your home look brownish and stained, even after you have cleaned them, and you live in Sugar Land or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact Sir Grout Houston for grout cleaning services. Fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page or call us at (713) 856-9586 for more information.

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