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A Homeowner in Friendswood, Texas Said Goodbye to Mildew in Her Bathroom, Thanks to a Grout Cleaning Service

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June 08, 2016

Many people use tiles for different areas in their homes. Tiles are very popular among homeowners because they make the home look nice and clean. Nevertheless, they need to be taken care of, because they deteriorate with time and use. That was the case for this homeowner. She had an annoying yet common situation in her shower. The room looked stained and dingy. It had dirty grout lines and mildew. The customer felt frustrated over her inability to solve the bathroom's problems. She had tried everything on the market and nothing had worked. Desperate, she went online looking for a suitable solution for her situation, and she searched for the best Friendswood grout cleaning services, finding Sir Grout Houston among the first options.

Humidity is one of grout's main enemies. Closed environments do not benefit from humidity it actually worsens the formation of mildew in your shower. It is very difficult to keep grout looking as it did the day it was installed, and mildew causes grout lines to flake and turn brown, leaving stains on your cherished shower floor and walls. Considering that Houston can sometimes have a humid climate, and grout is a porous material, it is logical to think of mildew as one of the main and most common problems in our homeowner's shower.

All these conditions, together with DIY solutions and the use of regular products for its maintenance, are the perfect recipe for disaster. Our homeowner had been using abrasive products that wear away and stain grout. She showed true relief when our expert team came to the rescue. She mentioned that she had been thinking of a total remodel, since nothing had seemed to work for her bathroom.

Our trained and professional team evaluated the situation to determine what the specific problems were and suggested a grout cleaning service as a solution. They explained the procedure to the homeowner, and after she agreed, they scheduled an appointment to perform the service as soon as possible. She was eager to end the nightmare and recover the formerly clean-looking bathroom of her dreams.

Nothing is worse than looking at your shower after it has been cleaned and seeing no results, or looking at your tiles and seeing nothing but scratches and marks from past cleaning accidents. The homeowner experienced this sense of disappointment many times, but at Sir Grout Houston, we care about details. Our grout cleaning procedure consisted of deeply cleaning the grout and tiles with pH-neutral products that do not ruin their texture nor their color. After that, our experts used a high speed gentle scrubber to deeply cleanse the surface. To finish the cleaning procedure, our expert team applied vapor steam cleaning to the most difficult areas to completely purify the shower.

Cleaning was the first step to give our homeowner her mildew-free shower back. When they finished cleaning, our experienced professionals applied Sir Grout's proprietary ColorSeal in a light shade to recolor the grout lines and protect the grout from getting dirty and stained again. ColorSeal is used to seal the porous grout, giving a fresh and clean look to our customer's shower and making it water-resistant, which is very convenient for the weather in the city.

Just after the procedure was finished, our homeowner entered the bathroom. She was really pleased with the results. She felt very happy and thanked the team for their careful work. After a long stretch of bad maintenance techniques and products, this bathroom was left completely mildew-free with clean, white grout lines.

If the grout in your shower looks brownish even after you have cleaned it, and you live in Houston or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact Sir Grout Houston for grout cleaning services. You can call us at (713) 856-9586 or fill out the form below for more information.

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