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A Stone Polishing in Kingwood, TX, Proved to Be the Best Way to Bring This Travertine Floor Back to Life

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December 02, 2016

We've all waited for our favorite holiday to come around to enjoy a nice time with our family and friends since celebrations are the best way to foster family traditions. This family perfectly understood the value of traditions and family celebrations. They were used to throwing a Halloween party every year, where family and friends gathered at their home, and this year would not be any different. They were about to begin preparations for the annual occasion when the wife mentioned that it was necessary to polish the travertine floor, which had become dull and scratched. Her husband agreed, so they decided to look for a stone polishing service in Kingwood.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Polishing in Kingwood, Texas

The owners knew they had to find a company with experience in the hard surface restoration business, but they didn't know where to start looking. Therefore, they turned to their social media accounts to look for guidance. A friend on Facebook told them about a restoration company Sir Grout Houston that had done a great job in her sister's home, so she tagged the couple in one of our posts. The couple then visited our website and scheduled a free, in-home quote, trusting their friend's suggestion.

On the appointed day, the couple kindly greeted our team of professionals and invited them into their house. The experts immediately noticed the scratches and dullness on the travertine tiles. They saw that the floor had been subjected to the ravages of time and to incorrect cleaning methods. The experts recommended a thorough cleaning, followed by a honing, polishing, and sealing service. They also asked the owners what kind of finish they were looking for, to which the couple answered, "as shiny as possible". At that point the crew had all the necessary information to design a plan of action for the day of the job.

When the day arrived, the team put all their skills into practice to achieve the expected results. They began by using pH-neutral cleaning products and a high-speed scrubber that removed all the grime buildup from the travertine. Then, the professionals began to hone the floor, starting with a low grit. This stage of the procedure is aimed at eliminating all the scratches from the stone floor, resulting in a smooth yet matte surface. After all the etch and water marks were gone, the team used diamond pads of a higher grit and persistently buffed the surface, watching how the wonderful shine slowly appeared. The cherry on top was the sealing procedure that would protect the stone from further scratching and staining and that would make the cleaning process easier for the homeowners.

As soon as the team finished, they let the homeowners in, who were amazed by the extraordinary finish the floor now had. They thanked the technicians and said that they would recommend their work to anyone, without a doubt!

Following our policy of educating our customers on how to take care of their hard surfaces, our team gave the owners some recommendations to preserve the achieved results and the appearance of the floor. They said it was necessary to clean the floor on a periodic basis with a damp mop. They also mentioned that, even though the stone was protected against spills, it was imperative to wipe up spills immediately.

If the stone surfaces in your home look dull and scratched even after you have cleaned them, and you live in Kingwood or surrounding areas, contact Sir Grout Houston for a stone polishing service. You can fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page or call us at (713) 856-9586 for more information. F

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