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Grout Recoloring and Sealing Revitalizes Houston Customer's Faded Shower Tile

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May 28, 2015

Every morning, upon waking up to a ringing alarm clock and starting her daily process for getting ready for work, Vicky Mendoza had a set routine. The highlight of that morning routine was the beautiful, tiled shower. The gorgeous, modern design and functionality was one of the main selling points when she made the decision to buy her home and settle in the Houston area a few years back. As the years went on, Vicky started noticing a change in her favorite shower -- the tiles were losing that beautiful sheen, and the grout was getting discolored, faded, and stained. Vicky tried thorough cleaning and treatments, but those did not seem to do the job. Vicky Mendoza just wanted her old shower back, so she searched for the top Houston grout sealing services, and found Sir Grout. Positive feedback and years of experience made the decision easy.

Houston's hot and humid summers can put a strain on any surface. Add the outside moisture to a daily bombardment of shower water, shampoos, soaps, and dirt, and the staple of Vicky's Houston home became more of an embarrassment: a dreaded part of her morning routine. As grout ages, moisture and dirt discolor and dry out the grout, making the once clean, neat grout lines look weathered and dirty. Vicky made the right choice by contracting Sir Grout of Houston -- Sir Grout was ready to revitalize her shower, and restore it to its former shine!

Upon arriving to Vicky Mendoza's residence, Sir Grout's trained, professional grout sealing team assessed the situation and went with a multi-step approach to tackle the years of dirt and moisture that had faded the tiles and grout in the shower. The team started with 100% caulk removal. They first removed the old, weathered caulk that made the surface areas of the shower look less than stellar. The team followed by performing a deep steam clean on the entire surface area of the shower. Even the best over-the-counter cleaning products do not substitute a professionally-performed, high-temperature, high-pressure cleaning to take off years of grime, dirt and moisture. After the thorough cleaning, the Sir Grout team sealed the surfaces with Bath White ColorSeal to make the newly-cleaned grout lines look and feel clean for years to come. Finishing off the job, the team applied Tile Armour to seal and protect the newly-cleaned tiles, resulting in the clean, fresh look Vicky was envisioning.

Upon examining the final result, Vicky Mendoza was thrilled to see the extent of the transformation. Running her hands across the clean, resealed surface, she was having a hard time believing that she was not looking at a brand new shower, but just her old one, cleaned, steamed and resealed. "This looks like a new shower! Are you sure you guys didn't just replace the whole thing?"

We were flattered by the confusion. A thorough cleaning and sealing can do wonders for surfaces that have been weathered and discolored over the years. Our job for Vicky Mendoza was a resounding success -- now, her shower can once again become her favorite part of her morning routine.

With professional caulk removal, cleaning and sealing, Vicky can enjoy her clean shower for years to come. Proper cleaning products and timely cleaning can prolong the life of your tiles and grout lines, and keep them looking new for years.

When your tiled surface areas seem old, weathered, and dry, perhaps it is time for a thorough sealing and cleaning. Turn to the Houston grout sealing experts -- Sir Grout of Houston. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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