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Magnolia Grout Recoloring Updates Look of Old, Faded Grout

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September 09, 2015

"It just doesn't look quite right anymore," said Kaylee Bridges, a resident of Magnolia, Texas, upon examining the tile floor in her home. The dark, charcoal tiles lining her floor always gave her home a modern, chic feel, but lately, something was just off -- as if someone replaced her floor with a different shade. Kaylee eventually came to the conclusion that it was not the floor tiles themselves that were the problem, but rather the grout lines that passed in between them. The grout lines were originally a creme white color - and years of foot traffic, moisture, and dirt weathered and dried the grout lines, discoloring them, and making them look mottled and dirty. As the grout in Kaylee's home aged, it contrasted more and more against the charcoal tiles, eventually becoming somewhat of an eye sore. Kaylee considered replacing the floor completely, but after doing some further research, settled on refinishing the grout instead. Searching for Magnolia grout recoloring, she stumbled upon Sir Grout of Houston. After reviewing the positive feedback and learning about Sir Grout's years of experience, Kaylee made the call to ask Sir Grout of Houston to fix her floor.

East or Gulf-side Texas summers are fabled for their intense heat and humidity. The proximity to salt water and the constant heat can put a strain on any surface. Outside temperatures coupled with years of foot traffic, furniture, and carpets or rugs rubbing dirt particles against the surface of the grout lines can make grout look old, discolored, and faded. Vacuuming and cleaning simply cannot mitigate the damage from the microscopic dirt and moisture seeping into the porous surface of the grout. In order to make her home look the way it was meant to look, Kaylee needed to turn to professionals with experience and the right tools for the job. Thankfully, she found Sir Grout of Houston, and Sir Grout's expert team was up to the task!

Upon arriving at the job site, aka Kaylee Bridges' home, Sir Grout's trained grout recoloring team analyzed the situation, documented the state of the floor and grout, and formulated a plan of action to get the grout lines in their top shape. ColorSeal's charcoal seal was chosen for the job to closely match the style and color of the tiles, and create clean, fresh, and subtle grout lines. ColorSeal is a not just a sealer, but a sealer with a tint. It not only fills and eliminate the pores in grout lines that trap dirt and make cleaning impossible, but ColorSeal creates a clean, fresh, water-resistant layer that protects grout. The tint gives a great new color over the grout, giving the look of new grout at a fraction of the price (and mess) of re-grouting. Sir Grout has trusted ColorSeal for years, and it's great for any size job. Sir Grout of Houston treated Kaylee's job like they treat every job -- with the highest level of respect, professionalism, and attention to detail.

With the job completed, Kaylee Bridges was encouraged to inspect the new floor. She was ecstatic about the new look! The clean and fresh, new charcoal-colored grout lines perfectly matched the dark tiles, updating the look of the floor and making the entire room seem revitalized and new.

Customers like Kaylee can continue enjoying their recolored, fresh grout for years with very little, albeit some, maintenance. Cleaning with grout-appropriate products and minimizing dirt can prolong the life of original or recolored grout. Excessive dirt, moisture, and foot traffic can accelerate discoloration, fading, and drying.

When your grout seems old, weathered, and dry, perhaps it is time for grout recoloring. Turn to Texas's grout recoloring specialists -- Sir Grout of Houston. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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