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Multicolored Tile Floor in Houston Home Gets New Look With Grout Recoloring

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August 12, 2015

There are many reasons for Ava Reyes to love her home. The convenient, quaint location just north of Humble, TX makes it accessible to Houston, while being far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle. The location, the design -- all are Ava's favorites. Among the many reasons Ava loves her home is a unique design feature: a contrasting tile floor in the upstairs bathroom. The larger white tiles and smaller black tiles inserted in a geometric pattern give the floor a three-dimensional appearance, and creates the illusion of additional space. As the years went by, foot traffic, moisture, and dirt started damaging the unique look of the tile floor by wearing down and drying out the grout separating the tiles. As grout aged, cracked, and trapped dirt, the once white grout turned a dark brown color, and now connected the black tiles forming the opposite of the tile design's intended illusion -- it actually made the bathroom look smaller. Ava did not want to replace the floor, after all, it was one of her favorite design features. Searching for Houston grout recoloring, she found Sir Grout of Houston. Sir Grout's years of experience and positive reviews made it an easy choice -- Ava had found a way to get her tile floor back to its ideal condition.

Bathrooms get battered with constant humidity, heat, dirt, and foot traffic. Dirt particles and moisture seeping into the aging grout can make grout look old, discolored and faded. Vacuuming and cleaning simply cannot undo the damage from dirt and moisture seeping into the porous surface of the grout. Cleaning with harsh bathroom cleaning agents and bleach can even hurt the grout, and accelerate its decay. Ava Reyes made the right choice by contacting Sir Grout of Houston. Sir Grout has the expertise and tools to get the job done right, and reseal, recolor, and revitalize old grout in a truly memorable way!

Upon inspecting Ava's bathroom grout and multicolored tile floor, Sir Grout's trained grout recoloring team analyzed the situation, documented the pre-treated grout and tile, and settled on a plan of action to tackle the unique grout recoloring job. To remove the dark lines from the old, faded and dirty grout, Sir Grout's grout recoloring team turned to ColorSeal. ColorSeal's myst sealer was chosen to cover the faded grout and create a color that closely matched the white tiles. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that not only adds a new color to the grout, but completely fills the dirt-trapping pores found in grout. This one-two punch creates a clean, water-resistant layer to protect grout, while it gives the illusion of newly laid grout. Sir Grout prefers ColorSeal, and for years they have depended on ColorSeal for the majority of grout recoloring jobs. It is simply one of the best sealers available in the industry. Sir Grout of Houston approached Ava Reyes' project with tireless commitment to excellence and attention to detail -- the Sir Grout standard for all customers.

Ava was excited to see the finished product, and Sir Grout did not disappoint! She was very impressed with the new look -- the dark tiles on her floor once again perfectly contrasted the light tiles, creating the illusion of additional space and dimension.

Ava can continue to enjoy fresh-looking grout for years with very little maintenance. Sir Grout recommends cleaning with grout-appropriate products and minimizing dirt to prolong the life of grout. Keep in mind that dirt and moisture can accelerate discoloration, fading, and drying.

When you feel like your grout has seen better days, perhaps it is time for grout recoloring! Turn to Houston's grout recoloring specialists -- Sir Grout of Houston. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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