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Our Houston Grout Cleaning Services Saved a Family from Paying the Steep Price of Remodeling Two Bathrooms

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November 09, 2018

At Sir Grout Houston, we have had clients approach us wanting to fully renovate their hard surfaces, unaware that a complete renovation isn't necessary. Those who don't look for a second opinion end up paying much more than they would pay for cleaning and restoration, which can give you similar results for far less money. Those who do opt to restore their hard surfaces end up completely surprised and happy when they see the wonderful results a simple service such as our Houston Grout Cleaning can bring to the beauty and value of their homes.

Before and after Picture of These Bathrooms after a Grout Cleaning Job in Houston
This was the case with a small family from Houston, TX. They noticed the showers in both their master and guest bathrooms were in pretty rough shape. Normal cleaning wasn't doing the job, so they immediately considered redoing both bathrooms and starting over from scratch.

After searching online for the top hard surface experts in their area, they found Sir Grout Houston. Unlike other companies they'd consulted, we suggested performing a restoration at only a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. We also invited them to browse our blog and take a look at the "before and after" section of our website so they could see examples of our outstanding work. Convinced Sir Grout Houston was the smart choice, they decided to book the next available date for a free in-home evaluation.

Evaluating the Two Bathrooms

As agreed, our hard surface restoration experts showed up at the family's home to assess the situation. As the customer had stated, both showers suffered from dirty grout and soap stains. Both of these issues could be solved with a simple grout and tile cleaning service, with no need to renovate or remodel the showers, much less the entire bathrooms like other companies had suggested.

Before offering a solution, our crew carefully explained the key differences between remodeling, renovating, and restoring showers. They explained the term "remodeling" refers to any change performed on a house, or a specific area of the house, that alters its character. By this definition, remodeling would require changing the structure of the showers, which wasn't necessary in this case. On the other hand, a "renovation" entails making a room new again. This would mean having to invest in new furnishing, fixtures, and finishes to update the showers. Finally, with a "restoration," Sir Grout Houston's goal is to make the bathrooms look as they had before. Restoration is about making everything look original again.

Before and after Picture of How Our  Houston's Grout Cleaning Team Restored These Bathrooms
Therefore, as part of the restoration, our technicians would perform a thorough caulk, grout, and tile cleaning process to remove both stains and dirt accumulation, then apply ColorSeal all over the caulk and grout to restore its color and to protect it from further damage. Happy with the assessment and grateful for the detailed explanation, the family proceeded to schedule the restoration service.

Sir Grout Houston's Restoration Process

As scheduled, our hard surface restoration crew arrived at the scene and quickly got everything prepped to get the job started. They began by applying our newly enhanced Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner with properties to the master bathroom's shower. After letting it sit for a while to let the grime loosen up, they removed it with the use of a high-speed, gentle scrubber. They used a vapor steam cleaner to remove dirt from hard-to-reach spots.

After the master shower was completely cleaned, our techs applied ColorSeal all over the caulk and grout lines. This special sealant not only serves the purpose of restoring both grout and caulk to its original state, it gives the grout lines a nice uniform color. Once the master bathroom was clean and properly sealed, the same process was applied to the guest shower as well.

The Outcome

Once our experts were finished with the master and guest bathrooms, they were both renewed and in beautiful condition. The family was pleased with the results, which exceeded their expectations. It had all been accomplished at a fraction of the cost of the remodeling job they had originally planned.

Our experts reminded the family to always get a second opinion before committing to major home improvements. They also shared a few care and maintenance tips and advised the use of pH neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to clean their tile surfaces. A product such as this not only keeps tile surfaces clean without damaging the grout, but thanks to its new properties, it can prevent the proliferation of pathogens like bacteria, mold, mildew, and other types of fungi.

Grout Cleaning Services in Houston, TX!

Never commit to a long and costly remodeling or renovation process without exploring your possibilities. Make the smart decision and contact Sir Grout for a quality hard surface restoration at a fraction of the cost. You can get in touch by simply dialing (713) 856-9586 or by filling out the form you see on this page. When you do so, be sure to request a quote and ask for a free in-home evaluation so we can better assess your particular situation.

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