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Our Techs Revamp This Travertine Shower with the Best Cypress Stone Sealing Service

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March 01, 2022

Travertine surfaces are a popular option for those who want to infuse some elegance into their homes, but, under certain circumstances, they can also be a hotspot for mold. A homeowner in Cypress took note of how hard it was to stop her shower from collecting too much moisture, even after she made efforts to keep surfaces dry when the shower area wasn't in use. From top to bottom, the shower was covered in travertine tiles, making maintenance a real challenge. On the one hand, travertine tiles gave the shower area a high-class look that was truly remarkable, but it also brought to the forefront many of the hardships that come with moisture buildup.

Travertine Shower Before and After a Stone Sealing in Cypress
Unsure of what to do, the homeowner started looking for a Cypress Stone Sealing company that knew how to handle the intricacies of travertine surfaces. She came across Sir Grout Houston online and was amazed by all our areas of expertise. After looking through our picture gallery, she gave us a call to explain some of her concerns and decided to schedule an appointment to have her shower inspected.

Our specialists went to the client's home a few days later to assess the shower. As the client had said earlier, all the shower crevasses were buried by a layer of soap scum, giving away an unappealing look that took all of the stone's shine. We explained to the client that travertine is permeable, and this makes it more likely to hold water, mold, mildew, and soap scum. When it's part of shower surfaces, travertine requires thorough maintenance to stop liquids from seeping into the tiles in a relatively short time. We reassured the client by telling her that we could restore the stone's original appearance in full; we needed to clean the whole shower and hone its surface to get rid of the discoloration. Once the stone was properly cleaned, we would seal the floors, crevasses, and walls to enhance the shower's protection from that point on.

Following the client's request, we were back to work on the shower that same week. The first step was to clean and sanitize the shower to halt the growth of mold. For this, we applied a coat of pH-neutral cleaner on all surfaces and removed all traces of dirt with a high-speed scrubbing machine. Our cleaner is completely safe for natural stone because there are no harsh ingredients that could damage the surface or trap the dirt within. Then, we steamed cleaned the shower area to reach the same level of cleanliness on all surfaces, including narrow corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

When it was time to hone the stone, we ran three sets of high-quality diamond pads while gradually increasing the level of grit. We repeated the process until we removed all the grime and soap scum that was embedded in the stone, both on the walls and on the shower floor. Afterward, we polished all the surfaces to enhance their shine and sealed them with Stone Armor. Our impregnating sealant protects travertine and other stone surfaces from the damages caused by water, mold, and mildew while also enhancing their glossy finish. It's a homeowner's best asset to make cleaning practices more efficient and rewarding.

By the end of the process, the shower looked impeccable, to the client's immense delight. The stone's warm colors were once again in full display and there was nothing muddying the tiles' shine.

After thanking us for our services the client asked us for tips to improve her shower's maintenance, particularly when it comes to preventing the effects of moisture buildup from damaging the shower's travertine surface. We told her that she could continue her weekly cleaning regime, but recommended to stop using soap-based cleaners. Stone-safe products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are the best way to preserve the stone's shine without encouraging the accumulation of water and soap scum. We also told her to use towels, a terry cloth, or a squeegee to scrub off the dirt that got stuck to the seams and crevices. This way, there would be no risk of accidentally scratching the stone. Outside of regular cleaning habits, we recommended keeping good ventilation to reduce the chances of water pooling on the tiles. Travertine is porous by nature, so all these measures are all the more important when dealing with moisture-prone spaces, like showers and other bathroom surfaces.

Sir Grout Houston is here to satisfy all your surface maintenance needs. Our specialists are ready to tackle tile and stone surfaces alike with the best restoration equipment in the industry, and our grout repair and sealing service will make cleaning easier and more efficient for you. Just call (713) 856-9586 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule an in-home evaluation. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions. Sir Grout Houston will assist you in any way you need.

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