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Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Made This Shower in Sugarland Look Gorgeous

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January 20, 2023

A couple in Sugarland recently reached out to our specialists over the largest part of their bathroom. They had a beautiful standing shower connected to a ceramic bathtub, and the whole ensemble gave an air of elegance that guests couldn't help but admire. The couple never had trouble cleaning the shower in the past, so it was surprising for them to see mold staining the grout despite months of intense cleaning.

Shower Before and After a Service from Our Grout Cleaners in Sugarland
At that time, the lower half of the walls became marred with nasty brown stains, and it got progressively harder to get any shine out of the ceramic tiles. Before making any changes to their cleaning routine, the couple agreed that their best bet was to get a professional opinion. They found Sir Grout Houston online and learned more about our tile and grout cleaners in Sugarland until they finally decided to give us a call. Following the couple's request, our techs went to their home a few days later to evaluate their shower.

They observed the shower from different angles, taking note of all the areas where dirt was more prominent. They also checked all the seams to rule out the chances of lasting structural damage. There was no denying that the grout had collected many stains, and this mostly had to do with water and chemical cleaners slowly wearing off the sealant. The clients were surprised to hear that many of these products also helped trap the dirt between the tiles, creating a foamy film that got soap scum and mold stuck on top of the grout pores.

Close-up of Shower Seams Before and After a Service from Our Grout Cleaners in Sugarland
After their inspection of the shower area, our techs knew what to do. They had to remove all traces of dirt and repair the old grout around the joints before re-applying the sealant on the walls and floor. This way, our specialists wouldn't stop at making the shower look good; they could also ensure that the end result could stand the test of time. They gave the clients a rundown of the process, and the couple was on the same page about what to do next. They scheduled a new appointment with our techs right away so they could have their shower revamped that same week.

On the day of the restoration, our crew got to work right after being welcomed into the couple's home. They started by using a pH-neutral cleaner on all the shower surfaces. They went around all sides of the shower and carefully removed the stains until all the walls looked spotless. Our cleaner works quickly to help eliminate mold, mildew, soap scum, and other stains, so our techs worked through all the stains in record time.

After steam cleaning the shower area, the next step was on the wall's grout. Our techs applied ColorSeal to all the grout lines, using a beige sealant that perfectly matched the color of the tiles. Besides being available in multiple colors, our sealant protects the grout's surfaces from many external elements like soil, mold, mildew, and soap scum. It provides the most powerful protection to keep the grout pristine and spotless in areas that are prone to moisture buildup. For the shower joints, our techs carefully replaced the loose caulk with resistant epoxy grout, enhancing their durability against different sources of hard surface damage.

The shower now looked imposing in its beauty. The clients loved the result and promised to recommend our restoration services to everyone they knew in Sugarland.

Our techs took a moment to share some additional cleaning advice while they put away their equipment. When the couple asked for alternatives to common off-the-counter cleaners, our techs recommended using pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This cleaner's formula combines high-quality ingredients to ensure the best results on different types of surfaces, like stone, grout, and ceramic tiles. Its effectiveness results in less time trying to detach mold and soap scum off your shower walls and floor. More importantly, our product has no toxic ingredients so that you won't risk grout damage or respiratory conditions among your family members.

As our techs explained, homeowners just need to let the cleaner sit on the surface for a few minutes before the dirt starts growing loose. Then, it's all about using non-abrasive tools like a towel or a squeegee to remove the residue. There's no need to bring other products into the mix; cleaning takes much less scrubbing overall. Our techs also told the clients that opening the windows and doors every day helps the circulation of fresh air and prevents many of the effects of moisture buildup, like, for instance, the spread of mold and mildew around the shower area.

Dealing with dirty grout can be exhausting and frustrating, but Sir Grout Houston can help you sidestep hours of scrubbing to get the desired results. Our specialists know what it takes to restore soiled grout and bring back the tiles' natural beauty. You can trust us with your shower and bathroom surfaces, and we'll pay you back with the highest quality in all our hard surface restoration services. If you have questions or want to schedule an in-home evaluation, feel free to schedule a free quote or call (713) 856-9586. Our techs are ready to impress you! You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates.

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