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Rugged Beauty: This Slate Floor Improved Its Appearance with a Tile Cleaning Service in Houston, TX

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August 06, 2017

Slate floors have a rugged elegance to them. They are powerful, sturdy, classic, and interesting. As a flooring option, they offer natural durability for heavy traffic because of their hardness; as a decorative element, they exhibit an interesting appearance with varied colors due to the chemical components of the rock. This beautiful natural stone comes in different finishes: natural cleft, honed, and polished. The natural cleft gives its surface a rugged appearance and also serves to hide scuffs and other imperfections, and offers slip resistance. In addition, it can be single or multi-colored. Despite the many advantages that it offers, it needs to be well-taken care of, like any other natural stone floor does. Our clients were usually very careful with their slate, but the significant foot traffic in this home, and the dirt, dust, and grime brought into the house, had managed to scratch the surface of the stone and wear it out, making the original solid color look cloudy. It was time to restore it, so the client was convinced that he had to search for a tile cleaning in Houston. He found us on the Internet after going through a few companies that did not work with this type of natural stone. He noticed that we have extensive experience with a wide variety of natural stones, and immediately knew we were the right choice for a quality job. After filling in our online form for a free in-home consultation, everything was set up for our visit.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Service in Houston, TX
We were there the next day to give our diagnosis and to get the job started. We quickly noticed that the floor had been scratched with gravel and dust, which had accelerated the damage on the surface. Also, the sealant that had been applied long ago when the floor was first installed, had worn out, so it was time to re-apply it. To prepare the surface, we did a tile cleaning service first. For this, we used soft pads and a neutral cleaner to avoid any chemicals that could damage the stone. After this, we performed the sealing procedure, which is vital for this type of surface. The lesson most homeowners must learn is that they should not skimp on sealing floors periodically; all the contrary, they need to protect this expensive investment they made. It is important to point out that different sealants have different effects, advantages, and disadvantages. The sealant that was applied on this floor originally was a regular clear sealant, which tends to last up to around 18 months, and is not the best protectant when it comes to stains. Since the installation of the floor, it had worn out and turned yellowish because of UV radiation. Our solution was to use our proprietary Shield EXT sealer—a topical, non-penetrating acrylic polymer sealer that provides strong resistance against chemicals and UV rays, which means it avoids yellowing. Shield EXT is usually applied outdoors, but we used it in this area because it is next to the patio; therefore, exposed to direct sunlight. This sealant provides a matte finish that complements cleft slate very well. Other stones such as flagstone and terra cotta can be protected with this high-quality sealant, too.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Service in Houston, TX
As a result of our cleaning and sealing services, the slate floor recovered its original solid color and is no longer cloudy. We also provided our clients with some ideas to take care of slate. First, you should use a soft bristle broom to sweep your slate. The debris and loose dirt that naturally accumulate on floors, combined with foot traffic, can scratch and eat away at the sealant and eventually cause damage to the stone's surface. As a complement to sweeping, you could vacuum your slate floors, being careful not to scratch the floor. For this, use a soft nose attachment. Finally, mopping is a good idea, as long as you keep your mop fairly dry and avoid the use of acidic cleaning products, which could deteriorate the sealant. By the same token, avoid using an excessive amount of cleaning product. This excess eventually builds up, which usually attracts grime, and proves to be difficult to remove.

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