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Stone Cleaning Revitalizes Pasadena Customer's Limestone and Travertine Showers

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December 07, 2015

"You guys did an incredible job, thank you so much!" Sir Grout of Pasadena takes pride in multiple positive customer reviews, but hearing a praise for good job performance directly from the customer is a great reward for us!

James Moyer was not originally from Houston. James, like many people before him, moved to the Houston area after graduating college and receiving an offer for a job. Upon finally deciding to settle in the Pasadena area, James found the perfect home. In addition to the perfect location, James was ecstatic over the gorgeous limestone and travertine showers in his master bedroom. With such an extravagant feature, he felt like his professional life was ready to begin! As the years went on, however, his favorite feature started losing its pristine condition. One day, James noticed that the limestone and travertine finish on his favorite shower was now discolored and dull, while the grout lines that were holding the stone in place were also dirty-looking. He thought long about how his shower used to look, and decided that Houston's harsh tap water was to blame. Take a look at the before photo below to get see just how dirty it was!

He grabbed a few cleaning items from the hardware store, and performed a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately, even the harshest recommended chemicals did little to undo the damage. James knew that it was time to consult a professional, and searched for Pasadena stone cleaning and grout sealing services. He quickly found Sir Grout of Houston. After seeing the many positive reviews and doing some research on the company, Chris called Sir Grout of Houston to ask about how Sir Grout's stone and grout cleaning experts could help get his shower back to what it looked like when he first moved in.

James did the right thing by calling Sir Grout. Harsh cleaning chemicals do little to mitigate the damage from grime and moisture seeping into the microscopic pores of travertine and limestone. In fact, improper chemicals can damage the delicate stone even further. Although stones like travertine and limestone appear smooth, they are actually porous. Tap water contains chemicals and minerals that seep into the microscopic pores, and stay there forever. On the surface, the one smooth stone looks dull and discolored. While water, moisture and grime do their number on the stone, grout can also be highly effected by the same elements. As grout ages, it discolors and dries out. To get his shower back to what he believed it should look like, James made the right decision by leaving the job to professionals from Sir Grout of Houston.

On the day of the job, Sir Grout's trained, professional stone cleaning and grout sealing team arrived at James Moyer's house, inspected the shower, and took some preliminary photos. To polish the limestone and travertine, the team used a proprietary polishing and buffering process to remove the damaged layer and then polished the stone to get it back to its former shine. After the polishing and cleaning job was complete, the team turned their attention to the grout, using a light shade of ColorSeal to recolor and seal the old grout. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that creates a water-resistant layer that protects old grout while giving the appearance of new, freshly-installed grout. Sir Grout of Houston has been using ColorSeal for grout sealing jobs of various size and scope for many years -- ColorSeal is considered to be one of the best sealers on the market.

Once the project was complete, James Moyer was impressed and even amazed at the final result. He thanked the team over and over for a job well done!

For a professional stone cleaning and grout recoloring, turn to the Pasadena area stone cleaning experts -- Sir Grout of Houston. Please fill out the form below to schedule your free evaluation today!

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