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Stone Honing Rejuvenates Richmond Customer's Living Room Floor

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July 02, 2015

When it comes to a look that evokes grandeur, luxury, and class in a home, office building, or hotel, marble has no parallel. For Colleen Holman, the beige and black marble floor in her living room was a point of pride, and a centerpiece of design for her Richmond, Texas home. Her marble floor gave off a glossy sheen, and its smooth surface reflected sunlight beautifully! Whenever Colleen had guests over for dinner, they made sure to complement her gorgeous marble floor. Unfortunately, as the years went on, the foot traffic from guests, furniture, dirt, and moisture slowly but surely degraded the sheen of the marble. One day, Colleen noticed that the beautiful afternoon sun no longer reflected on her marble floor! The marble floor was now dull and opaque -- it seemed as if someone put a film over the marble tiles. To remedy the problem, Colleen tried cleaning and scrubbing her floor with cleaning products and chemicals. Nothing seemed to get that film off of the surface of the marble. After several tries, Colleen came to the conclusion that she needed help from professionals. She searched for Richmond stone honing and polishing services, and found Sir Grout of Houston. After researching Sir Grout's expertise and positive client reviews, she called Sir Grout of Houston to ask about how Sir Grout's stone honing and polishing experts can get her marble floor back to the way it was.

Colleen did not know this, but the harsh chemicals and cleaning products she used to clean the marble could have actually damaged the marble further. Stone like marble or travertine is actually porous. Dirt, grime, and moisture can seep into the microscopic pores of the stone and remain there. Friction from foot traffic, furniture, and carpets can also rub against the marble surface and chip off microscopic particles. To an untrained eye, the damaged surface of marble appears as if a film had been put over the previously glossy, shiny stone. Cleaning and scrubbing the porous surface does nothing to get the dirt and moisture out, and does not polish the microscopically-uneven surface. In fact, harsh chemicals and scrubs can damage the delicate surface even further! To get her marble floor back to its original glossy shine, Colleen made the right choice by contracting Sir Grout of Houston -- Sir Grout had years of experience and the proper tools to restore Colleen's marble floor to its former glory!

On the day of the job, Sir Grout's trained, professional stone honing and polishing team got to Colleen Holman's house, and immediately began work. To restore the marble floor, the team used a proprietary process involving chemicals and polishing or buffering tools to grind down the damaged layer of marble, and get it back to its former smooth, glossy surface. After treating, honing, and polishing the marble, Colleen's living room was once again full of the rich, glossy sheen that she was so proud of.

Upon completion, Colleen was very thrilled to see the newly polished marble floor. The reflective shine was exactly what she was envisioning, and she was excited to have guests over that very weekend. Sir Grout of Houston had another satisfied customer -- the marble floor was back to its bright, like-new shine, and back to reflecting the afternoon sun much like it did back in the day.

For a professional honing and polishing done right the first time, every time, always turn to the trained Richmond area stone honing and polishing experts -- Sir Grout of Houston. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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