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Stone Honing Restores Shine of Houston Customer's Master Bathroom Floor

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July 16, 2015

A beautiful, tiled travertine master bathroom floor was always a staple of Kara Green's Houston home. The gorgeous polished stone sheen evoked grandeur, luxury, and comfort. Unfortunately, years of moisture, foot traffic, countless showers, baths, and spills took their toll on the beautiful flooring. When looking over some old photos of her home, Kara noticed that the glossy sheen of her travertine floor was not nearly as prevalent. It seemed as if some sort of film covered the bathroom's once glowing stone floor. She tried mopping the floor thoroughly; she even tried cleaning products. Nothing seemed to get the stone floor back to its original shine. Kara made the decision to seek professional advice. Searching for Houston stone honing, she stumbled upon Sir Grout of Houston. Positive reviews and years of experience attracted her to Sir Grout.

Kara did not know it yet, but her own cleaning efforts were a losing battle. Stone flooring like marble or travertine is porous on a microscopic level. Dirt, grime and moisture from the constant high humidity inside the bathroom can seep into the microscopic pores of the stone and remain there. In addition to the moisture, dirt particles from shoes and bathroom mats rub against the stone surface and chip off microscopic particles of travertine. To a human eye, we do not see a rough, moon-like surface -- we see all those pores, sub-surface dirt and imperfections in the stone as the stone losing that signature glossy sheen. Just like trying to dry a sponge by running a paper towel over the surface, mopping and utilizing over-the-counter cleaning products only cleans the surface, but does not get into the porous layer to get the dirt and moisture out, and does not polish the microscopically-uneven surface. To get her bathroom floor back to its original shine, Kara made the right choice by contracting Sir Grout of Houston -- Sir Grout had years of professional experience and proper tools to restore Kara Green's floor to its former shine!

Upon arriving at Kara Green's home, Sir Grout's trained, professional stone honing team immediately noticed the extent to which years of moisture and dirt had dulled the travertine floor in the master bathroom. It looked as if the opaque looking top layer would need to be honed and then polished to restore its former luster. The team performed a thorough assessment of the condition of the floor, and got to work. To restore the travertine floor to its former sheen, the team needed to use a proprietary process involving chemicals and polishing or buffering tools to get rid of all the microscopic imperfections and moisture, and polish the floor back to its original shine. After treating, honing and polishing the floor, the result was that rich, glossy sheen that Kara remembered from her old pictures.

Kara Green's master bathroom was back to being the staple of her home. The transformation was extensive -- the travertine tiles were back to that polished, glossy shine that Kara was looking for. She was very satisfied with the job -- in fact, she could hardly believe it was the same floor!

"Wow, how did you do that? It looks brand new!"

The job was a complete success. The travertine floor was back to its bright, like-new shine, and Kara Green's master bathroom was back to invoking feelings of luxury and grandeur.

When your travertine or marble floor seems to have lost its shine, mopping and cleaning may not be enough. For a professional honing and polishing done right the first time, every time, turn to the Houston stone honing experts -- Sir Grout of Houston. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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