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Stone Polishing: The Most Effective Process for Restoring the Shine on Dull Countertops in Houston, TX

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September 24, 2018

Kitchen countertops are an essential part of the house. They are the work surface where homeowners prepare food, eat casually with their family, or gather together in the evening to talk about the day while making dinner. For this reason, it is important to choose the right material for their installation. Natural stone is one of the most popular and classic options for countertops. It offers durability, versatility, and a wide range of styles. One disadvantage, however, is that this material requires proper maintenance and care to keep the countertops looking beautiful over time. The porous composition of the rock makes it prone to absorb liquids, leaving stains and causing discoloration. Acidic substances and harsh cleaning products can etch the stone, dulling its appearance. Most of these damages can be prevented with the right upkeep, but once the harm is done, the restoration will require professional tools, methods, and expertise.

Before and After Picture of a Countertop Stone Polishing Process in Houston, Tx
About two years prior, this family from Houston, TX moved into their new home. They loved their new place, but they were especially enchanted by the natural stone kitchen countertops. These magnificent surfaces gave the house a stylish, sleek, and elegant look. Nevertheless, after a few months of settling in, the countertops began to give them problems. As they later told us, "Maintaining them had become a bothersome nuisance; we couldn't seem to get them as they were before." When the family started to notice scratches, stains, and dull spots on the surfaces, they immediately tried to rectify the issues. They used all sorts of DIY methods they found online, but despite their best efforts, the damaged condition of the countertops remained. Only our stone polishing professionals in Houston, TX were able to restore them and let the owners enjoy their entire kitchen experience.

It was their friend who told them about Sir Grout Houston. One weekend he came to visit and the owners were struggling with the countertops. He suggested hiring a qualified hard surface restoration company to solve the problem. He recommended us because he had seen the results of our work in his mother's house. They had done an outstanding job. He advised them to check out our website for more information. The family took his advice and went online to browse our page. The picture gallery immediately caught their attention. This showcased the professionalism of our work and the superior quality we provide our customers. They were happy to see we had achieved impressive transformations on natural stone countertops with similar issues as theirs. After reading the comments from previous satisfied clients who certified us as a leading company in the industry, they decided to call us to schedule a free in-home consultation.

On the appointed date, we arrived at the house to begin the evaluation of the surfaces and to offer the most effective solution for the problems. After greeting the owners, we proceeded with the assessment. We soon noticed scratches left by kitchen utensils, dull spots on the stone, and stains caused by spills. We could also tell the sealant on the surfaces had worn out, which can cause a myriad of problems. We explained that unsealed natural stone can absorb cleaner residue or any splash of liquid left lingering for long periods of time. This produces etching, which is the reason the surface looked dull. We pointed out that this material is highly susceptible to these kinds of damages. When this happens, they require proper maintenance and professional treatment.

The surfaces needed our special tools and techniques to be fully restored. We offered a stone polishing service to give the surfaces a brand-new look by removing all the scratches, dull spots, and stains. We would polish the stone with our high-grade equipment, making sure we achieved the shine desired by the owners. We would use our high-quality stone-safe products to guarantee the best results possible. To finish, we would seal the surfaces using our top of the line Stone Armor. This unique sealant provides the necessary protection against all damaging agents while giving the stone an enhanced look. The owners were pleased with our assessment and the solution we proposed. They immediately set up a date for the job.

We returned to our clients' house a few days later to begin the stone polishing process. It was a procedure that required skillful techniques, professional tools, and superior products. Several steps were going to be necessary to complete the job. We started by cleaning the surface using our stone-safe product and a high-speed scrubber. Our cleaner now has an enhanced formula that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and microorganisms. This left the countertops ready for the next step. Once this was done, we began the honing process. We ran three sets of honing pads with increasing levels of grit. We continued grinding until all etches and scratches were removed. When we accomplished the desired honing grade, we were ready to polish the countertops.

To achieve the shine desired by our client, we increased the level of grit and grinded using a series of abrasive materials and our special powders. We made sure all the dull spots were removed with our professional honing pads. When we obtained the requested gloss, we finished the procedure by sealing the surface with our exclusive and unique Stone Armor. This sealant is especially useful on kitchen countertops because it shields them from all sorts of liquids and spills. Because of this, it provides protection from daily wear and tear, helping against stains, discoloration, and degradation. It also enhances the look of the natural stone by giving it a revamped, brad-new appearance. With the right maintenance, this great condition lasts for years.

After all the steps were completed, the kitchen's countertops looked wonderful; their shiny, magnificent elegance had been fully restored. All the scratches and dull spots had been removed, revealing the natural allure of the stone. The surfaces regained their beautiful charm and had a renovated appearance. Thanks to our assistance, the family's worries were finally gone. This level of restoration was only possible with our experienced work, advanced techniques, and top tier products. This guarantees results that can be easier to maintain and can last for a long time.

We invited our clients to see the outcome of our professional work. The family was amazed to see that all the dull spots had disappeared from the surfaces. The countertops had fully recovered their natural gloss and beauty. They were pleasantly surprised with the refreshed appearance they gave to the kitchen. The family was happy with the results and said that our performance had gone beyond their expectations; they were relieved because they could finally enjoy their kitchen without worries. After thanking us, they stated that from that point on, they would recommend our services to all their friends, family, and neighbors. Sir Grout Houston had become their company of choice for hard surface restoration.

We provide our clients long lasting, easy to maintain results and we always take time to train them on how to perform proper cleaning routines on their restored surface. Before leaving, we gave the family some recommendations and suggestions to keep the top condition of their countertops:
  • Use pH-neutral, stone safe cleaners that won't remove the sealer or etch the stone. We recommend Natural Hard Surface Cleaner because it won't cause any damage and it has an enhanced formula that can help provide protection against fungi and bacteria. Acidic substances react with the composition of the stone and leave etches on the surface, causing dull spots to appear. These types of cleaners should be avoided.

  • Keep the surface as dry as possible. If any spill occurs, they should be removed immediately. Do not leave spills and liquids lingering for long periods of time. They are absorbed and stain the stone quickly. For this reason, they should be removed immediately. Blot spills with paper towels and avoid wiping or spreading them. Also, use a damp mop to get rid of dirt. This should be done frequently to prevent scratches caused by daily use.

  • Seal the surfaces every year. If the countertops are unsealed, all sorts of liquids can be absorbed very easily, causing stains and discoloration as well as the appearance of etches.
Our superior process, high-quality products, and these easy to follow steps are guaranteed to keep the beautiful, restored luster of their countertops for years to come.

It is possible to restore the shine of your dull, lifeless natural stone countertop with Sir Grout Houston's professional help. Our award-wining stone polishing processes will bring back the beauty of any stone. We provide experienced and qualified assistance that will make your surface sparkle again. As a leading company in the hard surface restoration industry, we have the most effective techniques to help you with your problem. Don't hesitate to contact us by calling (713) 856-9586 or by filling out our "Request a Quote" form for a free in-home consultation. We will be happy to attend you. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest info and promotions.

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