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This Ceramic Kitchen Floor Was Successfully Restored by Our Grout Cleaning Pros in Richmond, TX

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January 31, 2023

For this real estate agent, our grout cleaning services were the ideal option to restore this ceramic kitchen floor before hosting an open house. With a highly active household, regular cleaning seemed challenging for the owner. Because the real estate agent had over 30 showings of the home, he knew he needed to contact top professionals.

Ceramic Floor Before and After Our Grout Cleaning in Richmond, TX
Over time, the kitchen floor became dull and degraded. It wasn't difficult for the owner and the agent to reach a unanimous conclusion in the end. The real estate agent knew that our grout cleaning team in Richmond, Texas, would provide the best restoration, so he contacted our professionals after showing the owner our website and viewing our picture gallery.

Our specialists arrived at the soon-to-be-sold home after processing the agent's request to evaluate the ceramic kitchen floor. We examined the area and noticed the tiles and grout were discolored, and the dirt on the grout lines produced an unpleasant look. The sanded grout was very stained too. To top it all off, the grout's sealer had worn off, most likely due to foot activity on the kitchen floor. Given the condition of the kitchen, our team offered a complete grout cleaning restoration. The agent expected a solution that would make the ceramic floor seem new, so he was pleased with our evaluation and hired us immediately.

Our professionals went to our client's house the day after to complete the restoration. Our crew began by cleaning the kitchen floor, soaking it in a neutral pH-neutral cleaner, and cleaning it with a high-speed scrubber to remove all dirt from the tiles and grout lines. Our cleaner is highly effective in removing dirt, grime, spills, product residue, and other stains from your surfaces.

After that, our professionals used ColorSeal to seal the grout lines. Our sealer shields grout against liquids, dirt, mold, mildew, and other exterior contaminants. Our technicians followed the agent's petition to match the color of the grout according to the client's desire. The entire kitchen area looked gorgeous and immaculate when we were through. Both the owner and the agent were very appreciative of our efforts.

At the end of the appointment, our professionals provided the customer with further cleaning recommendations. Kitchen maintenance can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Surfaces in these locations are constantly used, and they can quickly deteriorate due to this wear and tear. We always take the time to provide our clients with helpful advice on keeping these problematic areas in great shape. We recommend starting a weekly cleaning routine to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating. Use only pH-neutral soap-free cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to get the best results. Our product is made of high-quality ingredients and provides numerous benefits. It's non-toxic and safe for everyone in the house, including pets. Soap-based cleaners should be avoided since they leave a residue penetrating the grout lines. This can result in serious issues, such as structural damage. Cleaning products with acidic properties are also not recommended. These substances contain strong chemicals that might discolor or damage the surface.

Because our solution has no harsh components, it eliminates dirt while not damaging the surface. It may also remove grease, sand, mud, and any prints left by pets. To maximize cleaning efforts, the customer was advised to use non-abrasive instruments to extract the most tenacious stains. Our technicians suggested utilizing a mop, a towel, or a terry cloth. Keeping the area well-ventilated and dry is critical to avoid hazards like mold and mildew. Leave the kitchen door ajar or the windows open if you have one. If not, ensure there's a ventilation source going through the area. Always use a squeegee, a towel, or a terry cloth rag to dry the surface. Kitchens can also be kept pristine by squeegeeing regularly.

Nobody beats Sir Grout Houston's expertise when it comes to grout cleaning procedures. Our professionals employ the most current technology to restore any hard surfaces. Call us at (713) 856-9586 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free consultation today. If you want to keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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