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This Homeowner in Houston Said Goodbye to Etch Marks after an Outstanding Stone Honing Service

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November 27, 2017

Most of us have considered renovating our house or at least making minor changes at one point or another. In fact, just rearranging our furniture can be enough to transform the entire feel of a room. However, sometimes, the renovations we need require a bigger effort or even professional help. The latter was what this homeowner needed to restore his home's terrazzo floor. He knew the floor had worn down over the years and looked dull and stained. The problem was that the homeowner had a very busy life. He even had to frequently travel on business. Therefore, he had not found the time to look for a company that could offer him a stone honing in Houston. But little did he know that help was on the way.

Before and After Picture of Etched Stone Floor in Houston, Texas
No matter how much you take care of your house, time will leave its mark on just about everything, and this stone floor was no exception. This homeowner had moved in with his family several years ago. He loved the stone floor from day one. Back then, it was a beautiful and elegant terrazzo floor with a glossy finish. By the time our homeowner decided to restore it, the floor had lost its luster and had stains all over the surface. The man had tried hard to remove the stains with several different cleaning products, including acidic solutions. His failed attempts to clean the floor had frustrated him. He wanted to leave the problem in professional hands, but he was too busy to look for the right company.

His sister was aware of the situation. She knew how much her brother wanted to restore his floor and how busy he was. She decided to plan a surprise for his birthday. She had never hired any restoration companies before, so she was not sure where to start. However, she knew that the internet is the largest business directory in the world. The woman was sure she could find the right company online. As soon as she typed "Houston stone honing" into the search engine, a list of possible candidates was displayed before her eyes. She decided to go with the first option, which was Sir Grout Houston. After checking our social media accounts and our testimonial section, the woman finally scheduled a free, in-home consultation a week before her brother's birthday. That week, her brother was on a trip, which helped her keep the surprise a secret.

On the day of the assessment, our team of stone specialists arrived at her brother's house. She showed them the floor right away. Our crew took a look at the floor and immediately identified the problems. It looked like the homeowner had been using the wrong type of cleaner. Also, what the homeowner described as stains were actually etch marks. To remove them and regain the floors former shine, our team needed to carry out a multistage procedure that included deeply cleaning, honing, polishing, and sealing the stone surface.

Terrazzo is a composite material. It is essentially made of marble chips and a cementitious binder. It also contains fragments of other stones like quartz, granite, and glass. This kind of stone floor is commonly divided into sections by metallic strips instead of grout lines. Terrazzo comes in an incredibly wide range of colors, allowing homeowners to have virtually any color combination they can imagine. Nevertheless, this stone also has some vulnerabilities. Terrazzo is porous when combined with cementitious materials. This porosity can allow liquids to penetrate the surface of the stone and cause waters marks and oil stains. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial to seal the surface as soon as it is installed.

Terrazzo is also highly prone to etching given its composition. One of the most common elements found in this kind of stone is chipped marble, which contains calcium carbonate. This chemical compound can react negatively when acid is placed on the stone's surface. It is important to mention that this chemical reaction can happen even on sealed surfaces, since acids can dissolve the layer of sealant and the stone, leaving an etch mark. These marks can only be removed by honing the surface.

On the agreed-upon date, our team of professionals returned to our homeowner's house to get started. First, they cleaned the surface with stone-safe cleaners and a high-speed scrubber. They also used vapor steam cleaning to remove dirt form the most difficult areas.

Before and After Picture of an Etched Kitchen Stone Floor in Houston, TX
Once the surface was completely clean, the team continued by honing the stone. They began by using a low grit pad to eliminate the etch marks and stains. Low grit pads remove the superficial layer of stone, so it recovers its original look. Our experts progressively increased the level of grit until they obtained a beautiful glossy finish. The team finished by adding a layer of impregnating sealant that seeps into the surface and seals the pores of the stone from within.

When the team finished their work, they let the sister in to show her the new appearance of the floor. She was thrilled with the results. The woman thanked the team with a handshake. She said it had never looked so elegant and that her brother would love the outcome.

Before leaving the house, our crew gave her some recommendations and tips on how to maintain the floor. They said her brother needed to prevent flooding the stone with water to wash it. They also told her that it is important to keep the surface as dry as possible, which is why it is crucial to remove any spills as soon as they happen. Our technicians also recommended using a damp mop and to clean the surface with stone-safe, pH-neutral cleaners. We also told her that the floor needed to be dusted periodically to avoid getting dirt on the floor and scratching the stone. Finally, the team advised her that the sealant needed to be checked every three months. To do this, the homeowner should place a few drops of liquid on the surface. If the liquid beads on the stone, the sealer is properly working. However, if the liquid is absorbed, the surface needs to be resealed.

If you are looking for a stone honing service in Houston to revive the look of your stone surfaces, Sir Grout Houston is the right place for you! Call us at (713) 856-9586 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free evaluation.

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