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This Home's Beauty Was Enhanced with a Complete Grout Recoloring and Sealing Service in Spring, TX

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August 02, 2016

We recently visited this lovely home in Spring, TX that was unfortunately starting to show some signs of wear and tear. This made the homeowner think that it was probably time for some home improvement projects. After careful thought, she decided that restoring the floors was the priority. All of the floors in the house had dark gray grout lines as a result of years of heavy foot traffic, spills, and everything else that a busy home usually goes through. She thought that maybe, with the help of her family, she could renew the grout lines with some homemade remedies. Everyone did their part to try to clean and maintain the grout lines, but they were fighting a losing battle. No matter how hard they scrubbed or which products they used, the grout still looked unappealing.

Before And After Pictures of a Complete Grout Sealing in A Texas Floor

The homeowner asked her friend if by any chance she knew of a solution that could renew her floors. Coincidentally, her friend had hired our local Spring grout sealing services just a few weeks earlier and told the homeowner to visit our website to see the results from other jobs we had done. The homeowner was baffled by the before and after pictures and testimonials, so she called us.

This homeowner was right to call the experts so they could deal with her old, dark grout. Many of the products she had used to try to spruce up the grout lines were extremely harsh and did nothing to restore their once-spotless appearance. When our specialists arrived, they performed an extensive inspection of all of the floors in the home. In an ideal situation, the color of the grout would be consistent throughout the entire floor, but this is usually not the case. It's very common to see fluctuations in the color of the grout. This unpleasant situation can be caused by many factors. Dirty mop water or dirty sponges used to clean the tiles can contribute to unsightly grout lines. Over time, dirt, grime, and stains accumulate in the grout due to its porous, jagged surface, which makes cleaning all the more difficult.

The homeowner was exasperated. She wanted clean, spotless grout lines to make her home look beautiful once again. Thankfully, our specialists knew how to get rid of this annoying problem. They agreed that the solution was to clean, seal, and recolor the grout lines of all the floors to protect them from future damage and make the cleaning process easier for the homeowner. It would be a challenging and extensive task, and our team was up for the challenge.

Before And After Pictures of a Complete Grout Sealing in Texas

They arrived on the agreed date and time and immediately got to work. They started by performing a deep cleaning on the tiles and grout with a pH-neutral cleaner and a vertical scrubbing machine to freshen up the floors and get them ready for the next step. It was time to apply ColorSeal to all the grout lines in the home. The team applied the sealant in a light shade chosen by the customer that matched her tile floors. This process not only recolored the grout, but also made it impervious to water, stains, mold, and mildew, ensuring that neither the homeowner nor her family would have to sacrifice their precious time to keep the grout lines looking spotless.

Once everything was done, we showed the homeowner the results. She was astonished and told our team that the grout lines looked better than new. She also thanked them for their dedication and attention to detail. We were happy to have helped yet another customer recover the beauty of their hard surfaces.

We recommend that you have your grout sealed as soon as it's installed, especially if your home has heavy foot traffic. ColorSeal can protect and improve the appearance of your grout lines. Also, it's important to remember that acidic substances found in common cleaning products can discolor and degrade grout, which is why we recommend using pH-neutral cleaners instead.

Do your grout lines look grimy and discolored? If so, they could benefit from a thorough grout cleaning and sealing service. If you live in Spring or surrounding areas, don't hesitate to give us a call at (713) 856-9586 for a free quote.

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