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This Shower in Houston Looks Gorgeous Thanks to Our Tile and Grout Cleaners

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December 01, 2022

This Houston household had run out of options to remove the dirt that took over its master shower. After countless products and endless hours of scrubbing, the homeowner felt the problem was getting out of hand. A combination of elements covered the grout lines on one of the walls, with large marks all over the walls. The shower's open space had always been one of the most relaxing parts of the house, so it was painful for the homeowner to see all her efforts go to waste.

Ceramic Shower Before and After a Service from Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Houston
Just when she'd lost all hope of returning the shower to its former beauty, one of her neighbors recommended Sir Grout Houston. The homeowner visited our website to learn more and was amazed by all its content, especially the results on display in our picture gallery. She decided to contact our tile and grout cleaners in Houston via the "Request a Quote" form and asked for an in-home evaluation. We did not keep her waiting, and our techs arrived at her house just a few days later.

There was no denying that the shower surfaces needed work. The wall on one side had collected most of the stains, with layers of dirt covering the grout. Moisture buildup had also taken its toll on the shower joints, increasing the damage to the old caulk. Lastly, the tiles closest to the bathtub had become discolored due to the efflorescence that was taking over their surface. Our specialists saw the extent of the damage and asked about the products the client used during her routine maintenance. After she went over the steps in her cleaning routine, our techs explained the effects that generic cleaners cause on hard surfaces, from discoloration to the deterioration of the grout and shower joints. They offered a thorough cleaning service and proper repairs on the damaged joints for the restoration. The client agreed with their assessment and scheduled a new appointment for the job.

Our techs returned to the client's house a few days later for the restoration. To clean the shower, they applied a pH-neutral cleaner on all surfaces, which helped remove all the mold much more efficiently. Our product works against all kinds of stains, removing the dirt and stickiness that impregnates shower surfaces when generic products wear down their grain. Once our specialists reached the desired results on the floor and all the walls, they cleaned the shower to enhance its long-term protection.

Then, they sealed all the grout lines with ColorSeal. Our reliable sealant is the best asset to make the best of your grout's natural beauty, protecting its surface from external elements while keeping it free of the stains that demand the most effort from homeowners. In short, our sealant creates a durable layer that wards off mold, mildew, soap scum, grime, and other liquids. It is also available in various colors to ensure the perfect look.

When it was time to repair the shower seams, our specialists carefully removed the loose caulk. They installed the most resistant epoxy grout to reinforce the joints, leaving the shower much better protected against the gradual effects of wear and tear. As expected, the client was thrilled by the result. The shower looked gorgeous, and the white grout accentuated the visual impact created by the tiles. The client thanked our specialists many times and promised to tell more people in Houston about the quality of our surface restoration services.

Before ending the appointment, our techs gave the client some additional recommendations to get better results in his cleaning routine. They reminded him of the damage caused by generic products. They told him that the best alternative was pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Without causing discoloration or wearing down the grout, our product removes all the stains that a shower accumulates over time, including soap scum and the mold that gathers around harder-to-reach areas. Our product is also safer because it doesn't release chemical fumes each time you soak a surface. Our techs also recommended using a towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee to clean after the stickiness that sometimes covers a shower floor and walls. Lastly, our techs praised the home's indoor ventilation and told the client that there was no need to increase the intensity of his cleaning sessions as long as he stayed on schedule.

Discover all the wonders that Sir Grout Houston brings to transform the surfaces of your home or business. Our methods always deliver satisfying results, ensuring that no stains mar the beauty of your spaces, even in high-traffic areas like showers, bathroom counters, etc. If you're interested, call (713) 856-9586 or fill out our website's "Request a Quote" form to schedule an appointment with our crew. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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