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This Stone Polishing Service in Houston, TX, Brought This Marble Floor's Shine Back After Hurricane Harvey Took it Away

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July 25, 2018

Flood damage is usually costly in a home, and in the majority cases, the most damaged element in the house after a flood is flooring. Floors are completely submerged during floods, often causing water to seep in and damage the integrity of the surface. Flood waters not only contain water that can destroy several stone types, but they contain a mix of dirt and debris as well as other contaminants that can cause staining and many other problems.

Before and after Picture of This Stone Polishing Job That Brought Back the Shiny Appearance of This Marble Floor in Houston, TX
The good news is that not all of the problems that result from floods necessarily mean the floor needs to be replaced. Fortunately, that was the case for one of our returning customers from Houston, TX. In the past, he had hired Sir Grout Houston's services to keep the stone floor in his living area in top condition. This time around, he did not call for a regular maintenance. This homeowner's residence was one of the many that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The flood water left scratches, stains and etch marks on his beautiful marble floor, so he decided to call our team of Houston Stone Polishing professionals to have the surface restored before installing the new furniture he had bought.

The next day, our team arrived at the customer's home to assess the situation. As the homeowner had explained over the phone, the floor came in contact with water filled with debris and other contaminating agents, which resulted in heavy damage and dullness. The water had also left stains all over the surface. After they finished evaluating the floor, our experts told the homeowner it was necessary to hone the stone surface to remove all the damage. They offered a stone honing and polishing service, which the customer agreed to.

Our team of professionals went to the client's house that same week to get the job done. They began by cleaning the floor with a stone-safe cleaner to remove dirt and other contaminants that might have settled on the stone. This product has been enhanced with an ingredient that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and microorganisms. Once they finished cleaning, they dried the surface to start the honing process. Our tech carefully used different grit pads to remove layers of stone until all the etch marks and scratches disappeared. They continued by polishing the marble surface until a beautiful gloss was achieved. To finish, they applied a deep-penetrating sealant to close the stone's pores and to prevent it from getting damaged.

Once they were done, our team showed the client the results. He was surprised that our team had managed to completely restore the floor and make it look brand-new. He thanked them and said he would contact us again in a few months for maintenance. We were glad to exceed the customer's expectations and to be a part of the restoration of his home.

Before they left, Sir Grout Houston's experts reminded the homeowner about a couple of tips on how to keep his marble floor protected. First, they recommended staying away from acid-based cleaners and to use pH-neutral stone-safe cleaners instead because they will not wear out the sealant or damage the stone. Second, they suggested wiping away liquids and food immediately. Third, they advised the homeowner to not skip maintenance and sealing sessions, which could result in severe damage and heavy expenses.

Sir Grout Houston was ready to help Houston, TX homeowners rebuild their lives after Hurricane Harvey by offering the best hard surface restoration services in the market. We have the necessary tools and expertise to achieve fantastic results. Call us at (713) 856-9586 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this website to schedule a free in-home evaluation today! Also, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our latest news and promotions.

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