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Tile Cleaning Service Revives Houston Homeowner's Stained Master Bathroom

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May 18, 2016

This lovely master bathroom in Houston had everything any homeowner would want. It was spacious and included a beautiful bathtub, perfect for taking some time off and relaxing. Sadly, this homeowner's bathroom was now anything but lovely or relaxing. The homeowner was struggling with a very common tile problem: the tiles were dark and stained. Our customer thought that she could solve it with a little elbow-grease and some cleaning products she had in her home, but she realized very quickly that no matter how hard she scrubbed, the only change she could see was further staining. She went online and searched for Houston tile cleaning services and found Sir Grout Houston's website online. She was happy to see that we relied on a team of tile restoration specialists and gave us a call.

The problem with using ceramic tile floors in bathrooms is that they're in an area where there is a lot of foot-traffic and moisture. Ceramic tile can absorb moisture, and when the tile dries, the moisture will leave a stain. However, if your tiles are continuously wet, this could be an indication of a much bigger problem such as a serious water leak, which can be caused by water seeping behind the tiles through the grout lines. This is why it's important to have your tiles checked by a professional if you're starting to see signs of discoloration or staining. Thankfully, our customer was wise enough to give us a call for an inspection.

Our highly-skilled team performed an extensive inspection to make sure there was no structural damage. The homeowner was extremely relieved to find out that the cause of her stained floor was most likely due to improper cleaning products and methods. The Sir Grout team proceeded to explain how they would solve the problem with a simple cleaning and sealing process. The cleaning process involved applying our pH-neutral cleaner and then using a scrubber to remove the excess dirt. After this step was completed, the tile and grout lines were still grimy, so our team decided it was best to use vapor steam cleaning to remove the stubborn dirt. To prevent a scenario like water leaking through the grout lines from happening, our team used ColorSeal to make the grout water-, mold-, mildew-, and stain-resistant, while giving it a nice color that matched the tiles.

The outcome was a renewed master bathroom with clean and bright tiles! Our team was pleased with the service performed. They called in the homeowner so she could take a look at her thoroughly cleaned and restored bathroom floor. She was so happy and thankful for our team's services that she promised to call them again if anything came up. This was music to our ears, as earning homeowners' trust is the ultimate satisfaction for our team.

The key to preventing discoloration on your tile surfaces is to regularly clean your bathroom floors. First, remove dust from the area by using a broom, vacuum cleaner, feather duster or a combination of these methods. Then make sure to clean the floors with a neutral cleaner avoid cleaning products with soap, acid, or ammonia as these can change the color of the tile and mop as usual. Remember to properly dry the surface when you're done to prevent dirt from settling into the tile and grout. Finally, keep moisture at bay by making sure your bathroom is well-ventilated, especially when taking hot showers.

If your tiles are looking dull and faded, don't hesitate to contact the specialists of Sir Grout Houston. We will gladly help you restore your tile floors! If you live in Houston or nearby, you can call our local phone number or fill out the form below for a free evaluation!

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