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You Won't Believe How This Old Shower's Floor and Walls Were Restored with a Grout Recoloring Service in Sugar Land, Texas

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August 22, 2016

We visited a client's apartment after we received a call to make a free evaluation on a shower's floor and walls. The place in question had been rented for a while, and when the lease expired, the tenants returned the apartment looking disastrous. The apartment in general was a mess, but the worst area was the shower. It looked as if it had never been cleaned at all! The owners were desperate, thinking they might have to go for a complete renovation, however, they decided to try to find a cheaper solution to their problems. After searching the web, they found Sir Grout Houston, and upon browsing our site, they decided to get in touch with us for a consultation about what could be done for the floor. Our Sugarland grout recoloring service team visited them, and after a comprehensive evaluation, they came to the conclusion that a complete renovation was not necessary.

Before & After Picture of a Shower Grout Recoloring in Sugar Land, Texas

The team explained that a tile and grout cleaning, recoloring, and sealing service would return the mucky shower back to what it once was. The homeowners had seen some of the work done by the team when they were browsing our website, so they were hopeful, albeit slightly skeptical, that the results would be successful.

Clients and team set a date to get the job done. It needed to be done soon, because the owners were looking to put the property up for sale. So, a couple of days later the crew started the job by doing a deep clean on the shower's walls and floor to remove all the filth that was covering the tiles. To make sure even the deepest layers of mold and dirt were removed, they proceeded to use a steam cleaning machine. After the deep cleanse, the grout on the floor and walls was recolored and sealed to make sure the shower would not get to that state again. For this, they used Sir Grout's proprietary ColorSeal. This product has the property of recoloring grout, while making it stain resistant and waterproof. It also prevents mold and mildew from growing in the usual places. This is one of our star products because, when applied with our strict practices, it can last for years, even as long as the grout itself if proper care is taken. Another advantage of this product is that it is safe for both families and pets.

Before & After Picture of a Grout Recoloring Service in Sugar Land, Texas

Once the work was finished, the crew was ready to show the owners the results. They could not believe they were seeing the same shower. It no longer looked like something out of a horror movie! It almost looked as if it were a new place. All the expectation and worry was put to rest, and they were thrilled they trusted our skilled team to do the job. They were able to get a great-looking shower at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. Now, they could proudly show the apartment to potential buyers and even ask for more money than they had anticipatedů unbelievable! They thanked us a million times for a job well done and told us we had exceeded their expectations. We were absolutely thrilled for them, and proud to have provided the excellent service we promote on our website.

Does your shower look like it needs to be restored, but you don't have the money for an expensive job? Give us a call to find out if that is really necessary, our cleaning, recoloring, and sealing services can do wonders for old tiles and grout. Call us at (713) 856-9586 or fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout Houston for a free evaluation today. You won't regret it!

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